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Hello, is this _________ (customer's name)?


Hi, this is _________ (your name). I'm not sure if my name rings a bell, but I am (your neighbor, the son/daughter of, your son/daughter's friend, a member of). How are you?

Great! I was hoping you could help me out with something I'm doing for work. Do you have a few second?


Thank you! Well, as you may or may not know, I'm a ______ (grade) at ________ (school). And, this summer, I'm working with a company, and trying really hard to earn a scholarship.

So my job is working with Vector showing Cutco. My assignment is to put on some virtual appointments. Don't worry you don't have to buy anything, as I get paid just to show it.

It's fun, quick, and easy. I'm working really hard to stay on track for my goal this summer.

I need to do ______ (#) appointments by _________ (day) to hit my goal. So, I was hoping I could schedule an appointment with you on _________(day) at ________ (time). Or would _________(day) at ________ (time) be better for you?


Awesome! Thank you so much.  I know it doesn't seem like a lot to you, but it means a ton to me. I'm really looking forward to catching up with you.

Can I grab your email address really quick so I can send you a confirmation e-mail?


___________, these appointments ensure that I stay on pace for my goal. If you were to cancel or reschedule, I actually wouldn't get paid for this time slot. So, are you absolutely sure that _______ (day) at ________ (time) works for you?

  • If yes: Awesome, see you then!

  • If no: Find a day and time that your customer is certain they will be available.


I’m really looking forward to our call. Thank you, again, and talk soon!


What Is CUTCO?


CUTCO is some high-quality things for the kitchen and a few outdoor items. I’m sure you already have tons of these things, but I get credit and paid just to show it to you. So, would__(time)__ or ___(time)__ be better for you?


I Already Own CUTCO - (this is VERY positive and we definitely want this appointment!)


That’s great! How long have you had it? (listen). Awesome, well like I said, I am doing it for the training and I’d love to get your opinion and maybe some pointers. Plus, I get paid anyway. So, would __(time)__ or ___(time)__ be better for you?

That Time Doesn’t Work - (offer two new times)

Is that a bad day or just a bad time? So, how about ___(day)____ at ___(time)___ or would ___(day)____ at ___(time)___ be better?

I’m Really Busy

No problem, I’m really busy too, but I really need to do __(goal #)___ appointments by __(deadline)___, and I can make sure to keep it short. Is that a bad day or just a bad time? So, how about ___(day)____ at ___(time)___ or would ___(day)____ at ___(time)___ be better?

How Long Does It Take?

It's hard to know exactly since some people have a bunch of questions. Just the presentation part is about 45 minutes. After that, it’s kinda up to you. So, which time would be best for you, ___(day)____ at ___(time)___ or ___(day)____ at ___(time)___?



 That’s great! You don’t need to be interested. I get credit just for showing you real
quick. I promise I’ll be in and out before you know it and you’d be helping me out big time with my contest
and my scholarship chances. So could you
squeeeeeze me in real fast on __________ at ____ or would ___ be




That’s great! So you could probably do it better than me! All I have to do is
stop by real quick and cut the rope, leather, and penny, and you can give me some pointers. It would really
help me out with my contest and scholarship chance. So would ____ or ____ be better?



"Call me tomorrow": When’s the best time to get a hold of you? So, you’ll be around at ____?  I actually have an opening at that time that I really need to fill, is it okay if we just schedule our appointment for that time?


"Call me next week": I can definitely do that, but I’m in a huge contest right now, and I need to complete _____ (#) presentations by ________ (day). Is there any way that you can squeeze me in before then?


"Can’t you just say you were here?": No, _________, I can’t lie to my boss! Besides, the presentation is quick and fun.

Plus, there’s no obligation for you to buy anything because I get paid just to do it. It would really help me out. So, would ______ (day/time) or ______ (day/time) be better for you?


"I’m NOT going to buy": No problem, _________. You can still help me towards my goal just by listening. I’ll keep it short for you. I need to complete one more appointment by ______ (day), so would ________ (day/time) or ________ (day/time) be better for you?


"I've seen the demo 100 times!": That’s great! You could probably do it better than me! All I have to do is walk through the website. And, you can give me some pointers. It would really help me out with my contest and scholarship chance. So, would ____ (day/time) or _______ (day/time) be better?


"What are you selling?": What I’m showing is called Cutco! It’s a great line of kitchen knives and gadgets. I know you probably have tons of knives already, but I get paid just to do my presentation. So, could I schedule you for ________ (day) at _________ (time) or do you think ___________ (day) at __________ (time) would work better for you?



Virtual Demo Email Confirmation:

Send the night before your appointment.

Subject: Cutco Appointment with ________ (your name) on _________ (day) at _________ (time)




__________ (customer's name),


Thank you for taking the time to see my presentation on _____________ (day/time)! You are really helping me with school, my training, and my communication skills. If you could write an e-mail back to confirm that I have the right email address, I would really appreciate it! Again, please be home by your computer at ______ (day/time).



_________ (your name

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