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Hello, is this _________ (customer's name)

Hi, this is _________ (your name). I’m not sure if you know me personally, but I was talking to ________ (customer's friend, neighbor, relative) the other day and he/she/they brought your name up. Did he/she/they tell you I would be calling?

        If no: Oh, I'm sorry! I must have beat him/her/them to it! Do you have a quick second?

Well, ________ (customer's friend, neighbor, relative) and I were talking and your name came up because he/she/they thought you’d be nice enough to help me out with something.

I’m a student at _________ (school) studying _______ (major). And, right now, I’m working with a company in order to gain some business and communication skills. I can also win a scholarship for school!

My assignment is to show a product called Cutco to people that I have been personally recommended to. Have you heard of Cutco before?

I do the presentation right over the phone, so you would just need a laptop or computer at home. And, you definitely don’t have to get anything because I get paid just to do the presentation.

In order to stay on track for my goal, I need to do ___ (#) appointments before ____________ (day). So, I was hoping I could show you on _________ (day) at  _____ (time)? Or would ______ (day) at ________ (time) be better for you?

Awesome! Thank you so much.  I know it doesn't seem like a lot to you but it means a ton to me. 

Do you have a piece of paper and a pen nearby?

(Make sure your customer writes down your name, and the day and time of your appointment)

And, can I grab your email address so I can send you a confirmation e-mail?

__________ (customer's name), these appointments ensure that I stay on pace for my goal. If you were to cancel or reschedule, I actually wouldn't get paid for this time slot. So, are you sure that _________ (day) at __________ (time) works for you?

Perfect! I’m really looking forward to our call. Thank you, again, and talk soon!


What Is CUTCO?


CUTCO is some high-quality things for the kitchen and a few outdoor items. I’m sure you already have tons of these things, but I get credit and paid just to show it to you. So, would__(time)__ or ___(time)__ be better for you?


I Already Own CUTCO - (this is VERY positive and we definitely want this appointment!)


That’s great! How long have you had it? (listen). Awesome, well like I said, I am doing it for the training and I’d love to get your opinion and maybe some pointers. Plus, I get paid anyway. So, would __(time)__ or ___(time)__ be better for you?

That Time Doesn’t Work - (offer two new times)

Is that a bad day or just a bad time? So, how about ___(day)____ at ___(time)___ or would ___(day)____ at ___(time)___ be better?

I’m Really Busy

No problem, I’m really busy too, but I really need to do __(goal #)___ appointments by __(deadline)___, and I can make sure to keep it short. Is that a bad day or just a bad time? So, how about ___(day)____ at ___(time)___ or would ___(day)____ at ___(time)___ be better?

How Long Does It Take?

It's hard to know exactly since some people have a bunch of questions. Just the presentation part is about an hour. After that, it’s kinda up to you. So, which time would be best for you, ___(day)____ at ___(time)___ or ___(day)____ at ___(time)___?


"Call me tomorrow": When’s the best time to get a hold of you? So, you’ll be around at ____?  I actually have an opening at that time that I really need to fill, is it okay if we just schedule our appointment for that time?

"Call me next week": I can definitely do that, but I’m in a huge contest right now, and I need to complete _____ (#) presentations by ________ (day). Is there any way that you can squeeze me in before then?


"Can’t you just say you were here?": No, _________, I can’t lie to my boss! Besides, the presentation is quick and fun.

Plus, there’s no obligation for you to buy anything because I get paid just to do it. It would really help me out. So, would ______ (day/time) or ______ (day/time) be better for you?


"I’m NOT going to buy": No problem, _________. You can still help me towards my goal just by listening. I’ll keep it short for you. I need to complete one more appointment by ______ (day), so would ________ (day/time) or ________ (day/time) be better for you?


"I've seen the demo 100 times!": That’s great! You could probably do it better than me! All I have to do is walk through the website. And, you can give me some pointers. It would really help me out with my contest and scholarship chance. So, would ____ (day/time) or _______ (day/time) be better?


"What are you selling?": What I’m showing is called Cutco! It’s a great line of kitchen knives and gadgets. I know you probably have tons of knives already, but I get paid just to do my presentation. So, could I schedule you for ________ (day) at _________ (time) or do you think ___________ (day) at __________ (time) would work better for you?

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