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FOR CUTCO OWNERS / How to Create a “Wish List”


Have the customer take out every piece of Cutco they already own

__________, since you already own Cutco it doesn’t make sense to buy a full set. Most Cutco owners either upgrade to their favorite set or pick out a few pieces to supplement what they already own. Either way, if you decide to add more


Cutco to your collection, I’ll be able to give you the best deal possible.


We’re going to start by making your wish list. These aren’t necessarily things you are going to buy today, but as your representative, I’ll be able to keep track of what you like for future reference.


Basically, if Cutco were FREE, what would you add to your set?!


In your notebook write: Mrs. _______’s Wish List


(Have customer write their list down list, too!)


1. Review current Cutco tools and uses for each. Ask questions!

2. Show other set options, starting with the Complete Set.

3. Highlight missing pieces and promote the uses and value of each. Cut food!

4. Promote table knives: “In a perfect world, how many table knives would you want: 8, 10, or 12?”

5. Have your customer take out a piece of paper to price out all of the items.

6. Don’t forget block, sharpener, and cutting boards.

Don’t Forget Accessories and Gadgets!

  • Cookware (more details on next page)

  • Flatware (more details on next page)

  • Wellness Mats (more details on next page)

  • Kitchen Gadgets

  • Gardening

  • The more on your wish list, the better deals possible!

Don’t Forget About Gifts!


• Wedding

• Anniversary

• Birthday

• Graduation

• Winter Holidays

• Mother’s / Father’s day

• Business Gifts (Logo engraving available)

• Utopian Coffee



I’m going to make you the best deal possible!


(Use bonus points system. Need a deal? Call manager!) (Have customer write down prices in notebook “wish list”)


The total value of everything on your wish list is:   ___________


I can get that down to:                                                     ___________


That’s a savings of:                                                            ___________


On a 5-pay investment plan, that’s only:                    ___________


If the first deal doesn’t work, DROP DOWN...


Which few pieces aren’t as necessary? (Make a new deal with remaining pieces)

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