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Ask for recommendations after you enter their order but before you wrap up the appointment!

Three Keys: Ask, Smile, Follow the Script

STEP 1: Ask For Recommendations

  • Rec Approach: (Thank You Page on slideshow)

  • Did you enjoy the presentation? Did I do okay? 

  • Great, so I need you to open that app back up. The company has you rate my presentation. Now it’ll just ask a couple questions, again they are anonymous so you can be 100% honest with it!

  • After that, my bio page will pop up. Has a little picture of me, a little bit about me - do you see it? [Don’t continue until they say yes] Awesome, so if you wanna go ahead and click that share button, your contacts should pull up. Is it showing up for you? Awesome!

  • So here’s how you can really help me out. This is my favorite part of the presentation. I get paid each time I show Cutco to someone, but I can only show people that I’ve been personally recommended to. 

  • So, what I’d love for you to do while I’m wrapping up is just tap on 100-200 contacts ... just kidding haha, 10-15 people that would be nice enough to take a look at the presentation would be great. In other words, I'm not necessarily looking for people that would buy, just nice people like yourself willing to take a look. This is what I call “Mrs. _____ Nice People List”!

  • The way we reach out to your friends is through a heads up text, which I’ll get to in a second that lets them know that I’ll be reaching out. If anyone responds saying that they don’t want to talk to the knife kid, I’ll just remove their number. 

  • I’ve found in the past that people are very appreciative when they are given a heads up before I call them, so this is really important to me! 

  • Okay, so for every 10 you click, you become one of my sponsors. Once I reach 50 sponsors, my manager gives me $100 of Cutco that I get to raffle off to all of my sponsors, so it’s a nice way to give back to the people who have helped me out the most. 

  • The way I get credit for the presentation is if you complete it in the app right now. So scrolling through, who’s the first person you would throw down on the world’s nicest people list? (Wait for answer) There we go, click on them! Who else, who’s the next nicest person? Who else? 

  • Okay great, who do you know that….. (thought joggers below) (At this point you can also tell them to start clicking)



Get more recommendations. Ask your customer the following: Who do you know who/Who Is/Who do you/Who....
  • Loves to cook?
  • Already owns CUTCO?
  • Loves to garden?
  • Owns a second home?
  • Lives out-of-state, but would love CUTCO?
  • Is the most successful person you know?
  • Is the MOST INFLUENTIAL PERSON you know?
  • Loves to entertain?
  • Could get everything on the Cutco website if they wanted to?
  • Who's getting married this summer
  • Your best friend?
  • Text the most?
  • Your favorite coworker?
  • Your significant other's best-friend
  • Go on vacation with?
  • Love getting lunch with?
  • The smartest person you know?
  • Kid's best-friend? Their parents?
  • Your manager/boss?
  • The best cook you know
Have fun and don't forget to SMILE!!!!

*My passion is  _________________. Who do you know that is involved with ____________ (your passion), as well?

*I would love to do CUTCO demos in _____________ (neighborhood), who do you know that lives in that area?

*I go to college at ___________ (school), who do you know who went there, as well?


Qualify your recommendations.

  1. Who of these people is home during the day?  Put a “D” next to their name

  2. How do you know __________ (the referral). Are they a friend, neighbor, or relative?

  3. What town do they live in?

  4. What is their spouse’s name?

  5. Should I see them with or without their spouse?

  6. If you were in my shoes, who would you see first, second, and third?

  7. Can you think of just ONE more person please?


Make sure to send these texts individually—no group chats! 🥺

Hey! I hope you don't mind, but I put your name down for my CUTCO girl/guy ____ (your name) to call. He/she graduated from ____ (high school) and just finished their _____ year at ______ (college). He/she is looking to do appointments for training . Don't worry, you don't have to buy—he/she gets paid either way. Thought you would be nice enough to help him/her out!


"I’ll email them to you later":

Although most customers mean well, it is extremely unlikely that they will send you referrals later because they're busy.

That would be awesome! I appreciate you wanting to help me. However, I know you're really busy and I’d hate to call you while you’re with family or at work. And, without referrals, I actually can’t do any more presentations. As a reminder, your referrals don’t have to buy anything—I promise! So, could we just start with 1-2 people right now? It would really help me out. Who is the nicest person you know?

"I don’t know that many people":

That's totally fine! Because I get paid just to show Cutco, even a few referrals really helps me. So, let’s just start with a couple now. We can always come up with more later! Who is the nicest person you know? (Go to thought joggers below).


"I don’t like to give out people’s names":


I don’t blame you! If it were anybody other than me, I would be hesitant, too. But, I promise it's just me!

Who is the nicest person you know?

"Let me call them first and get back to you":


Of course! Go ahead and jot down their names and numbers. I will follow up with you tomorrow, and you can let me know who I can call and who I should cross off the list. So who's the nicest person you know?

Or: Perfect! Could we call a couple of them now and see what they say before I leave? 🤗

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