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Rep Resources



1. Follow the Manual

2. Show Qualified Customers 

3. Have Fun! 


Send confirmation email ASAP 

Always ask your customers to be in their home for the demo (not from Starbucks, etc.). 

Best to see husbands and wives together, no husbands alone! 

If customer asks for prices in the middle of your demo, say: “I don't want to give away the end of the movie, I’ll go over all the prices at the end!”  :-) 

Smile, be patient if there are any technical issues

Follow this manual word for word. 

Make sure they're sitting in front of a screen



Still Do FULL Presentation: It’s great practice! Many customers forget the important details! 

“As a reminder... we’ve been around since 1949, we’re dishwasher safe, Forever guarantee, review knives they don’t have. 

Ask for a customer testimonial picture & Social Media shout - out! 

Closing Process: At the bottom of the Gifts and Accessories Page there is a section called “Closing for Cutco Owners” which shows you how to create a “Cutco Wish List”

Cutco owners love upgrading to sets, adding accessories, and buying gifts! 

SC2 Workbook

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