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Tips For Scheduling Appointments


  • Don’t over-emphasize CUTCO on the phone ☎️: The purpose of your call is to schedule 📆 an appointment. CUTCO is incredible 🔥but they won’t understand how great it is until they see 👀 it

  • Speak directly to who you want to schedule : Don’t relay messages through friends!

  • Don’t text to set up initial appointments: Not very professional / leads to miscommunication. Create the right habits and call for a live conversation.

  • Speak with the wife on the phone: This is your target customer and easier to schedule!

  • Stress the fact that it’s not a question of buying or selling: Many people will tell you: “You can show me, but I’m not going to buy anything.”  Respond by saying: “That’s okay. I get paid $22 💵 anyway and I need as many appointments as possible.”

  • Always give a choice of two times:

  • Correct: “What time is better for you, ______ or ______?” or “What day is better, ______ or _____?”

  • Incorrect: “When can I show you?” or “Do you want to see my presentation?”

  • Set up a specific time ⏰: Tentative appointments generally fall through.

  • Schedule appointments 2 HOURS apart: At first, it takes longer because you’re new and since you know them.

  • Not everyone will answer their phone: Use the 4:1 rule— for every 4 phone calls, 1 person will pick up. If you want to schedule 5 appointments, make 20 calls! 10 appointments = 40+ calls, etc.

  • CUTCO 🔪 owners are the best prospects: Always schedule appointments with CUTCO owners.

  • Eliminate distraction: Make sure you are in a quiet place when you phone.

  • Phoning 📲= Working 💪🏽. Once your appointments are set, you’re done “working”— now it’s time to have fun and do some demos!

  • Urgency: Let your customer know that you are committed to your goal and you have a deadline! Goal 🎯+ Deadline 🗓 =Urgency

  • SMILE 🤗when you dial!! Smiling has so many great benefits, there are too many to even mention😎. Just do it! ✅

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